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In defense of Kentucky mountains

A few days after hundreds of protestors marched on the state capitol and camped out at Gov. Steve Beshear’s capitol office in a demonstration against mountaintop removal, members of Congress passed a spending bill that significantly weakens the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate the mining practice. The legislation cuts $61 billion from the federal […]

EPA hears coal ash comments as MTR protest gets buried

Yesterday, representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency listened to 11 hours worth of testimonies delivered by concerned citizens, environmental activists and pro-coal industry-types to aid the EPA in its adoption of new regulations for the toxic byproducts generated by the burning of coal (i.e. coal ash, fly ash, slurry, et al.). That this hearing took […]

Pro-Coal P.R. Ramping Up

What is going on here? Big Coal is actually so concerned about tree-climbing activists that they’re spending oodles of money to drown cries of opposition with half-baked, stock footage platitudes … since when did hippies command that kind of attention? From the Lexington Herald-Leader: HAZARD — Environmentalists’ campaigns against strip mining and coal-fired power plants […]

Critical Massey

Massey Energy is sacrificing one of its own in what appears to be a rare occurrence of reality actually being heeded by King Coal. Reversing an earlier plea of not-guilty, Massey foreman David Runyon will instead plead guilty to one misdemeanor count regarding the tragically lax safety procedures at the Aracoma Alma Mine No. 1 […]

‘Clean coal harnesses the awesome power of the word clean’


Winning ❤’s & Minds (Plus A Judd, Too)

I. We’re well into our interview when Governor Steve Beshear entered the room. “Hope I’m not interrupting,” he said, his smile bright. Everyone in the stuffy conference room stood to attention but me; given the logistics of where I’d been seated, my chair would’ve blocked his Governorship’s access to Ashley Judd (a big no-no).  Handshakes […]

I Love Mountains Day — today!

Hey folks,  Today is I Love Mountains Day in Frankfort. Go show your support for coalfield families and ecosystems that have been hurt, damaged or destroyed entirely by mountaintop removal coal mining. Or just get a peek at Ashley Judd.  Here’s today’s schedule:    11 a.m.   KFTC members and supporters will gather at the Kentucky […]

Coal crazy

Notorious global warming denier, coal humper, judge-buyer and Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship made a speech last month in which he chucked up some of the luniest pro-coal agitprop we’ve ever heard. Pete Altman of the NRDC has all the goods on his blog. Gotta see it to believe.