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Mitch McConnell: Part-time First Amendment advocate, full-time coward

(Photo by Alton Strupp/Courier-Journal) As you’ve probably heard by now, Sen. Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager Jesse Benton threatened to have police arrest me for covering his press conference at a hotel in Louisville on Monday, then followed through on that threat by ordering a Louisville police officer to block me from entering the room. This […]

Curbstomper solicits support from Galbraith campaign, gets smacked down

Head-stomping former Rand Paul volunteer Tim Profitt — who is set to appear in Lexington District Court Thursday to face 4th degree assault charges — sent a Facebook message to Dea Riley, the running mate of Independent Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Gatewood Galbraith, imploring her for help and understanding. In sum: A pretty dumb idea.

Louisville denies PETA chicken statue permit

Once again, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has been denied a permit to erect a five-and-a-half-foot crippled chicken statue in downtown Louisville because a property owner objected to the idea. The property owner in question? Why, none other than the Kentucky International Convention Center, a quasi-governmental organization just a stone’s throw from […]

SNL Presidents Unite

If you’ve ever had a dream about Saturday Night Live having a reunion of all their classic presidential parodies over the years, your wish has been granted. From The Nation: Online videos have become probably the most effective — and definitely the most entertaining — means of modern political communication. Now, Americans for Financial Reform […]

Unemployment: The Movie

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Lions Gate Films have just released the latest teaser trailer for their upcoming “Unemployment: The Movie” starring Paul Giamatti and Mos Def, each of whom play laid off workers who slowly starve to death in the course of the film’s 586 minutes. According to TMZ, rumor has it […]

According to Judge, Hell Isn’t Real Enough

Those of you who’ve ever driven down that lovely stretch of I-65 in central Kentucky have no doubt encountered a lovely, black and white billboard proclaiming to all, sinner and saint alike, that “Hell is real.”(Seasoned interstate veterans will also recall the adult bookstore located directly across the highway… not that I’ve ever shopped there…) […]

Sen. Carroll Embarrasses Self, State on CNN

As a registered independent, I found the comments made by Sen. Julian Carroll, D-Anderson, about voters like myself to be, quite frankly, hilariously stupid. While I’m sure we all respect Sen. Carroll’s 175 years of service to the commonwealth (did you know he helped Daniel Boone pick out the curtains for the old Capitol?), his […]

Gov. Beshear Stars in “Avatar” Sequel

We’re not quite sure what is happening in the following video, but we think it either concerns (1) H1N1 flu vaccination for children or (2) Steve Beshear auditioning for the follow-up to the biggest-hyped movie of the decade, and miserably so — or, potentially, (3) a 39 percent approval rating makes you do some crazy […]

Swine-proof Santas Prepare for Holiday Onslaught

All this talk of H1N1 deadliness has obscured one important at-risk demographic. They’re not children. They’re not pregnant women. And no, they’re not the elderly. Ye, they be mall Santas. Many of the nation’s Santas want to be given priority for the vaccine and not just because of those runny-nosed kids. There’s also the not-so-little […]

Courier-Journal Shamelessly Promotes LEO

In what can only be the work of a dastardly, malfunctioning algorithm lurking about The Courier-Journal’s search indexing software, their website now includes results that direct you to their heathen rivals —  us! We are now so validated in our existence that we must dance: [youtube][/youtube]