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Carbon Credit Market Already Rife With Fraud

All of the debate surrounding “cap-and-trade” legislation — whereby polluters will be able to offset pollution as well as the costs associated with “going green” — usually centers on whether it will hurt the economy at the expense of saving the environment. Under that context, the debate becomes a no-brainer: You can’t have an economy […]

Mayoral candidates ride state auditor’s report

Now that two veteran Metro officials have resigned from Mayor Jerry Abramson’s administration due to an internal audit that uncovered violations of the city’s purchasing rules, the mayoral candidates shouldn’t be that far behind on letting you know how they’ll improve Metro government’s financial controls. And a few have already begun to chime in on […]

Two Metro officials resign amid state audit

Following the release of the state auditor’s preliminary year-end review of Metro government’s finances, Mayor Jerry Abramson has accepted the resignations of two veteran city officials who violated the city’s purchasing rules. Longtime employees Melissa Mershon, former director of the Department of Neighborhoods, and Carol Butler, a special assistant in the department, submitted their resignations […]

Storm Clouds Brewing at Animal Services

Last Wednesday, during what should have been a routine Government Accountability and Oversight Committee hearing at City Hall, the latest chapter in the convoluted saga(s) emanating from Louisville Metro Animal Services unfolded in such spectacular fashion that the sound of collective-eyebrow raising could be heard from blocks away. When it was over, television crews were still […]

Lawson Phone Tapes Stir Controversy, Pedophile Metaphors

Like most allegedly corrupt individuals whom have had the unfortunate luck in having their conversations recorded, disgraced eastern Kentucky asphalt magnate Leonard Lawson is doing whatever he can to save as much of his ass as can be saved; from the C-J: FRANKFORT, Ky. — Defense attorneys for road contractor Leonard Lawson argued during a […]

Let Sleeping Liebermans Lie

For all of its bottomless novelty, the internet can be a very dangerous place — it’s not exactly the kind of place where, if you’re a politician, you want to leave your ultra torrid Mexican vacation footage lying around. Thanks to the intrepid muckraking of LEO’s own Jim Welp (not to mention the highly complex […]

Tip line story picking up steam

As you might imagine, some city officials are upset about Phillip M. Bailey’s story “Whistleblowers blocked?“, in this week’s LEO. One of them, city auditor Mike Norman, is claiming he was misquoted in Bailey’s story. Of course, we have all the info to back up Norman’s quotes, as well as the context he gave us […]