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Tandy unveils crime plan

Jumping into the public safety debate, Democratic mayoral candidate and Metro Councilman David Tandy, D-4, released his plan to fight crime in the city. The agenda focuses on ensuring that existing laws are enforced while placing a greater emphasis on partnerships between communities and law enforcement agencies “It is imperative that we develop strategies to […]

Study: Felon Voter Restoration Not a Political Threat

In last week’s LEO, I wrote about grassroots efforts to end felon disenfranchisement in Kentucky. One of my sources for that story, the activist/organizer Kate Miller, mentioned a study critical of the following politically expedient notion: If Republicans restore voting rights for former felons, then those former felons will go out and vote Democrat, unleashing […]

Straight Outta London

[UPDATE: The AP now reports that Sparkman’s body was found in what could potentially be “drug country,” aka in the general vicinity of serious marijuana cultivation sites (which, to give an idea of their magnitude, account for the lion’s share of the so-called southeastern U.S. “pot belt.“) and general methamphetamine trafficking. Nevertheless, an ugly, brutal […]

Ross’ Murder A Too Common Fate Among Women

MUNFORDVILLE — Former state Rep. Steve Nunn told state police hours after his former fiancée was shot to death that he “was at the end of his rope and wanted revenge” because of a domestic violence dispute with the woman, according to arrest records filed in Hart County. Nunn also relayed his feelings in a […]

More Lawson-Related Skullduggery

The Courier-Journal has a neat little story out today about the latest development in the Leonard Lawson bid-rigging scandal. In it, former Transportation Cabinet hack Jim Rummage has a couple of recorded conversations that Lawson’s defense attorney’s attest have no incriminating value yet nonetheless insist on blocking their inclusion into the legal proceedings against the […]

Meador files charges against Republican assailant

Jonathan Meador, the freelance reporter who was assaulted by a low-level Republican activist while on assignment for LEO Weekly covering the party’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner Saturday in Louisville, has filed criminal charges against his assailant. Meador and an attorney for LEO met with two Jefferson County prosecutors this afternoon, and will pursue charges of […]

Torture for Dummies

Remember when we didn’t torture, and the economy wasn’t falling from the sky? The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart doesn’t, either, but his assessment of the Bush Era’s comically-Orwellian penchant for something called “walling” is immensely satisfying: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M – Th 11p / 10c We Don’t Torture Daily Show Full […]

Lunchbox: Park it pal!

Who and the gang?: Police arrested five young men in connection to two recent homicides. The quintet call themselves the “Cut Throat Committee,” another splinter gang of the Market Street Crips, according to Lt. Barry Wilkerson, head of the homicide unit. Very similar to the notorious “Click Tight Gang,” a group of 11 who went […]

A push to suspend executions

Five citizens are continuing their fight to save the life of Marco Allen Chapman, who is scheduled to die by lethal injection Friday night. The group recently filed a motion asking a Franklin County Circuit Court judge to temporarily halt executions statewide because the Kentucky Department of Corrections failed to allow public comment when it […]