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Tandy unveils TV ads

Yesterday Democratic mayoral candidate and Metro Councilman David Tandy, D-4, released a set of short television commercials that have begun airing leading into the May 18 primary. The four 15-second advertisements deal with a number of issues that are a part of the west Louisville Democrat’s platform. Check out the first ad on job creation: […]

Fischer trumpets C-J endorsement, who’s who donors

Hoping to capitalize off of The Courier-Journal’s endorsement, Democratic mayoral candidate Greg Fischer unveiled his latest advertisement touting the newspaper’s nod. Check it out: [youtube][/youtube] With the mayoral race headed into the home stretch the Fischer campaign is also holding its final fundraiser with a list of co-sponsors that “reads like who’s who,” according to […]

ORBP Job “Data” Figures = A Load of Horseshit

If you’ve been paying any attention to the ongoing (and infinitely ridiculous) Louisville Mayoral Power-Grab 2010 Extravaganza, you may have heard front-runners such as David Tandy tout the economic boon that the $4.1 billion Ohio River Bridges Project will be for regional job creation. “Both bridges need to be built now,” they say, “and the […]

Tandy rejects Simon endorsement

Democratic mayoral candidate and Metro Councilman David Tandy, D-4, has refused to accept the endorsement of the Freedom’s Heritage Forum, a political action committee created by the controversial Dr. Frank Simon, a well-known anti-gay activist in the city. In February, LEO Weekly received a candidate questionnaire drafted by the right-wing organization, which says it supports […]

Fairness Campaign endorses Tandy for mayor

The political action committee of the Fairness Campaign, C-FAIR, has endorsed Metro Councilman David Tandy, D-4, for mayor of Louisville, along with several other candidates seeking public office in the upcoming May primary. The gay rights group’s endorsement process engaged the mayoral candidates in wide-ranging discussions of issues important to both the lesbian, gay, bisexual […]

White slams Tandy for Cordish deal, but misses mark on others

Citing the state auditor’s examination of Metro government and its financial reporting practices, Democratic mayoral candidate Shannon White criticized her opponents in a recent campaign video released over YouTube. The Dress for Success Louisville founder specifically calls out primary opponent and Metro Councilman David Tandy, D-4, for signing a confidentiality agreement with The Cordish Cos., […]

Thieneman talks transparency in new ad

The fallout from the Kentucky Auditor Crit Luallen’s examination of Metro government continues to spill into the 2010 mayoral campaign. Citing his activism over the city’s controversial $950,000 loan agreement with The Cordish Cos., which the state auditor criticized, Republican mayoral candidate Chris Thieneman has put out a new campaign advertisement trumpeting the virtues of […]

Tandy unveils crime plan

Jumping into the public safety debate, Democratic mayoral candidate and Metro Councilman David Tandy, D-4, released his plan to fight crime in the city. The agenda focuses on ensuring that existing laws are enforced while placing a greater emphasis on partnerships between communities and law enforcement agencies “It is imperative that we develop strategies to […]

State audit could trouble Tandy

The fallout from the state auditor’s examination of Metro government and its financial reporting practices could spill over into the 2010 mayoral campaign. Before the full report was released, Democratic mayoral candidates Tyler Allen and Metro Councilman Jim King, D-10, had already spoken out with strong transparency positions and Republican mayoral candidate and Councilman Hal […]

The C-J mayoral poll (updated)

Everyone’s anticipating the results from a SurveyUSA mayoral poll that will appear in Sunday’s Courier-Journal. With less than 10 weeks until the May primary, the local media can only use fundraising totals, campaign advertisements and endorsements to measure the horse race thus far, but the poll will certainly shake things up from what we’re hearing. […]