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Rand Paul Win-watch, Episode I

This (and this (not to mention this)) is probably why Democratic candidate Jack Conway is losing to Republican Rand Paul: [youtube][/youtube] How else can you explain the Commonwealth’s extremely positive response to Rand Paul, a man whose national palatability ranks him somewhere between a Klansmen and a viable candidate for the U.S. Senate in 1810 […]

Bring Out Your Dead

If you’d like a good barometer to discern just how badly cash-strapped local and state governments are fairing across this gilded land of ‘Merica, take a peek at this: Inside the Wayne County morgue in midtown Detroit, 67 bodies are piled up, unclaimed, in the freezing temperatures. Neither the families nor the county can afford […]

Kentucky #1 for another terrible thing

Ach! A new Gallup Poll says Kentucky is the most stressed state in the nation. Pollsters compared the stress levels of respondents from 2008 to their levels at mid-summer of this year, and found that out of 2,713 respondents, nearly 45 percent of them admitted to being one step away from taking their granddaddy’s rifle […]

The 9th Ward of Louisville

My alarm didn’t wake me. The booming thunder, pounding hail and lightning flashes did. It was about 8:40 a.m. and a thunderstorm usually means I can take my time getting to work. A few minutes later I left a message with LEO Weekly’s news editor, Sarah Kelley, about turning in my column via e-mail — […]

Pics flooding in

Mark Metzger, a local teacher of high school, husband of news editor Sarah Kelley and apparently one hell of a photographer, delivered these a few minutes ago. Grinstead Drive near Cherokee Parkway: Cherokee Park:

The Great Washing of 2009

It took me just over two hours to drive to work this morning. My apartment is 3.7 miles from the LEO office. According to MSD, we just took about six inches of rain in 75 minutes, thus setting a record for the most rainfall in such a short period. I also realized — as did […]