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New Williams ad attempts to portray himself as a kind and gentle humanoid

Via cn|2, here is the new TV ad going on the air this week from David Williams. As you can see, this ad attempts to counter the common perception of Williams as a grumpy wolverine with a bad headache having a somewhat disagreeable temperament. Maybe he really is just misunderstood?

Williams outraged that Beshear gets a chopper and he doesn’t

David Williams is so steamed that he was stuck in traffic and missed the NASCAR race last weekend that he decided to make an ad about it. Via Mr. Gerth, here is the RPK’s “web exclusive” ad: As you can clearly see from the ad, Steve Beshear: – Sipped champagne and sparkled his gold tooth […]

Beshear rolls out new wave of TV ads

One week after a Republican Governors Association front group went on the air in Kentucky with ads depicting our economy as a nightmare and David Williams as its solution, today sees Steve Beshear countering with two ads touting himself as Mr. Jobs Jobs Jobs. Via cn|2, here they are: The first ad includes Jerry Abramson’s […]

Hollowell valid Metro Council candidate

After an early morning hearing, Jefferson Circuit Judge Charles Cunningham ruled Metro Councilman Deonte Hollowell, Ind.-6, qualifies to be a candidate on the ballot and can seek re-election for the seat on November 2. The first independent to serve on the city’s legislative body, Hollowell was appointed by the council to replace the late George […]

Rand Paul Win-watch, Episode I

This (and this (not to mention this)) is probably why Democratic candidate Jack Conway is losing to Republican Rand Paul: [youtube][/youtube] How else can you explain the Commonwealth’s extremely positive response to Rand Paul, a man whose national palatability ranks him somewhere between a Klansmen and a viable candidate for the U.S. Senate in 1810 […]

Today’s Woman mayoral exposé

In the August issue of gritty investigative journalism bastion Today’s Woman, Louisville’s leading mayoral men talk lotions, potions and how women go unrecognized because they’re not men. Why, did you know that… …Democratic candidate Greg Fischer abhors aftershave (“I don’t want to wear any scented lotions or potions.”)? …Republican candidate Hal Heiner admires women for […]

Meyer launches new website

Democrat Marty Meyer, who serves as a district representative for U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, launched his new website this morning in his run for the 38th District state Senate seat that was once held by his father, former Sen. Danny Meyer. The younger Meyer will challenge Republican Dan Seum, who won the seat after Meyer’s […]

Paul’s Resignation Demand Out of Ths World

U.S. Senatorial candidate and son of America’s favorite marginal revolutionary figure Rand Paul released an interesting letter today, which asks his Republican primary challenger/KY Secretary of State Trey Grayson to excuse himself from his duties as chairman of the state board of elections due to a supposed “conflict of interest.” Pertinent excerpts from the letter […]

Kings guilty of election violations

The Kentucky Registry of Election Finance ruled today that mayoral candidate and Metro Councilman Jim King, D-10, and his daughter, Jefferson District Judge Katie King, are both guilty of unknowingly violating state election law. In a preliminary finding released earlier this month, the agency’s staff said Councilman King violated campaign finance laws by giving his […]

Seum has opponent in state Senate race

Democrat Marty Meyer, who has served as a district representative for U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth since the LEO founder was elected to the House of Representatives in 2006, will run for the 38th District state Senate seat once held by his father, former Sen. Danny Meyer. The younger Meyer, who has volunteered on political campaigns […]