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Yarmuth says ‘King-for-a-Day’ rule deprives both parties

Arguing that a new House Budget Committee rule disenfranchises Democrats and Republicans, U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, D-Ky. issued a blistering statement reacting to the $36 billion cuts that chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., submitted into the Congressional Record earlier this week. From Yarmuth’s office: “One of the founding principles of our nation is that elected representatives of […]

UK Basketball for Governor 2011!

Well, it’s finally happened. Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Richie “Mr. Unforgettable Wildcat Big Blue Basketball Man” Farmer and some cranky platitude spewing establishment figure named David Williams have just announced that they will be running as Republicans for lieutenant governor and governor (respectively) in this godforsaken commonwealth we call “Kentucky.”(Did you know? Williams is the Senate […]

Lunchbox: Frankfort’s failure

Budget amnesty on the horizon: House Democrats sent a revised budget proposal to Senate Republicans that cut spending by half. For the past few weeks budget negotiators have been deadlocked on the roughly $17 billion state spending plan, which is the one piece of legislation they’re required to deal with. In this week’s edition of […]

Luallen releases Louisville audit

Kentucky Auditor Crit Luallen released the complete version of the annual audit of Louisville Metro government, which found 69 serious problems in the city’s financial reporting practices and its oversight of federal dollars. The findings have already resulted in the resignation of two veteran officials from Mayor Jerry Abramson’s administration, who violated the city’s purchasing […]

Marshall receives (bizarre) endorsement

Democratic mayoral candidate and community activist Connie Marshall received an endorsement from Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS), a Cincinnati-based organization aimed at fighting government eavesdropping. “In the short time that we have known her, (Connie Marshall) has exhibited poise, confidence, and sensibleness, some of the main ingredients necessary for strong, steady leadership,” says Derrick […]

Yarmuth, McConnell Bring Home Bacon

Say what you will about earmarks — depending on your political persuasion they’re either the bane of our democracy’s existence, a necessary evil to be carefully reigned in, the difference between between having a job and being unemployed, or simply a political reality — the fact is they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. So instead […]

One-Hundred (More?) Years of Solitude

Yesterday, in a magical land known only as “Frankfort,” a group of some 16 state lawmakers gathered in Room 171 of the Capitol Annex building to hear testimonies on behalf of House Bill 70, a piece of legislation that would amend Kentucky’s constitution to grant former felons the right of suffrage. Joining the lawmakers were […]

Sometimes They Come Back…

Anne Northup is our new national guardian against lead-laden Chinese toys?! Nooooooooo! The ex-congresswoman from Louisville, who has been out of the limelight since her 2006 defeat for re-election after 10 years in the U.S. House, is to be nominated as a commissioner on the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission, the White House announced Thursday […]

Smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em…

For years, we’ve enjoyed the benefits of cheap spirits, cheaper smokes, and the health rates to claim bragging rights. Come Wednesday, however, and the twin-engines of Kentucky’s vice economy suffer their latest shocks in the form of a much ballyhooed tax hike. And ballyhooed is right: Surly cigar store merchants are fucking furious! How dare […]

Senate Bill 68 is dead

Senate Bill 68 is dead this session, according to this CJ story. The bill, known as “The Child Welfare Adoption Act,” was shepherded by state Sen. Gary Tapp and would’ve prohibited unmarried, cohabiting couples (a euphemism for gays and lesbians) from adopting or fostering children in Kentucky. Here’s a funny quote from David Edmunds, a […]