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Human trafficking case won’t proceed

Last month, we wrote about the challenges associated with identifying and prosecuting labor trafficking. Today, there’s a new development in the case that prompted that story. WLKY reports that Jefferson County District Court Judge Sean Delahanty has said the allegations against Golden Palace Buffet owner Ming Wen Chen don’t constitute human trafficking. Chen and his […]

KY Youth Advocates releases 2010 County Data Book

Earlier today, Kentucky Youth Advocates released their 20th annual “Kids Count” County Data Book. This year, the report, which measures and tracks the socioeconomic well-being of children across Kentucky’s 120 counties, factors in the impact of the economic recession. As you can probably imagine, the results aren’t pretty.

The Lion, The Sun, & Fourth Street Live

THOMAS MERTON SQUARE, LOUISVILLE, KY, ‘MERICA — The shade offered by Marjan Javid’s umbrella does little to mitigate the intense early afternoon sun; beads of sweat have collected on the bridge of her nose, and her slow movements and speech indicate the preliminary signs of dehydration. Maybe that’s because the umbrella itself — a flimsy […]

Shell Oil’s Crude Measures on Trial

Stupid puns aside: When we normally talk about the dangers of our addiction to foreign fossil fuels, we’re usually talking about some amorphous, bearded, turbin-wearing boogeyman standing atop an oil derrick, shooting an AK-47 into the air. As the following documentary illustrates, we don’t know what in fuck we’re talking about, as oftentimes the boogeyman […]

Iowa: The Next Massachusetts

Not only because of all the drunk Irish people running around, but because those drunk Irish people might be gay… Gay and married! The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled that a ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, and would hurt the state’s viral marketing strategy that aims to attract educated and wealthy gay couples to […]

At Least We Don’t Do That

Say whatever you want about the economy and how we’re all going to be subjugated by malevolent artificial intelligences, Kentucky’s going to be A-OK. The evidence? Well, (1) we’re not Iowa, and (2) we don’t pay retarded people 37¢ per hour to work at a turkey farm. Oh, what a wonderful world…