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Lunchbox: Militias on the loose

Militias?!?!: Oh god. Chris Kenning’s wonderful story in Sunday’s CJ about the uptick in Kentucky militias — a reaction to the crap-ass economy and the election of President Obama — left us unsettled and a little afraid, with echoes of Waco playing in our heads. Read it. Dog days continue: In last week’s print issue […]

Lunchbox: Sex & the (possibility) city

Oh the Humana-ty: After being bludgeoned by U.S. Sen. Max Baucus for using scare tactics to criticize part of his health care bill, Louisville-based Humana Inc. is under federal investigation. The health insurance provider is being accused of trying to scare seniors about health care reform through a series of mailings that said Medicare participants […]

Health Care rally in front of Humana HQ

With Humana Corporate headquarters in the background, car horns honking their support, and chants of “Health care for all!”, the corner of 5th & Main Street was buzzing with activity as Louisville social justice advocates led a crowd of over 200 people today in what was a nationwide protest against health insurance corporations. Sponsored primarily […]