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16 things I learned from local media last week

1. A heritage pig farmer said this with a straight face: “To save these pigs we have to eat them.” [WFPL] 2. Maybe you should think twice before taking that tiger selfie in Indiana. [] 3. Someone put together a list of the unhappiest cities in America. Louisville came in third. Boo hoo. [WAVE] 4. We should […]

Big Four Bridge set for completion

In a project that officials say will further unite the region, the governors of Kentucky and Indiana announced that along with the city of Jeffersonville, the two states will allocate $22 million to complete the Big Four Bridge pedestrian and bicycle pathway to link Louisville and Southern Indiana. The agreement will turn the unused and […]

Gov. Daniels’ potential 2012 presidential bid

Our neighbors to the north might want to pay attention to the growing speculation that Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is on the GOP short list of potential nominees for president in 2012. The diminutive Republican (he stands just under 5’7″) has seen the states unemployment rate go down in the past year, along with property […]

Art Attack!

artwithoutwalls is the new art organization from Steve Wilson and Laura Lee Brown. It will work with artists to create installations and programs in a range of media and locations. The initial programming is in Louisville with plans to expand to include projects around the country.  Architect Steve Wiser is leading a Historic Walking Tour […]

Lunchbox: Reliable narrator wanted

Debates are so 2006: If the gods of electoral justice had their way, we’d all be gathering around the heater tonight watching Mitch McConnell and Bruce Lunsford duke it out on KET. Of course, McConnell pulled out of that one for a previously scheduled campaign event, ostensibly at least, which now just so happens to be […]

Scenes from an Obama rally

The Barack Obama town hall meeting in New Albany came and went like a late snow. Even if there was a distinct perfunctory quality, however, the people do love to drink from the campaign fountain. It’s exciting to go see presidential candidates, and rare for Hoosiers to get to do so before the general (although, […]

Live from IUS

The activities building at Indiana University Southeast is filling up and the crowd is patiently waiting for Barack Obama. So far, no loud music is blaring, no local pols are yammering onstage, and it’s pretty much hurry up and wait. It looks like they can fit more people in, if you’re interested in coming. Better […]

Live from New Albany

I am sitting in Barack Obama’s New Albany headquarters, waiting for Rep. Baron Hill and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) to show up and start a town hall meeting. There are a few dozen folks here now, including D. Eric Schansburg, the Libertarian who is opposing Hill this fall, and Joe Burgan of the 8664 outfit. […]