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Fischer to audit public works, retain most employees

The city’s department of public works will undergo an extensive, top-to-bottom review to insure it is operating effectively, said Mayor-Elect Greg Fischer, adding that he is ready to take office. The review will examine the agency’s leadership, management style and structure while soliciting recommendations from employees for making improvements in work processes. “Public Works, perhaps […]

Fischer announces first appointments

With only a few weeks left before taking office, Mayor-elect Greg Fischer announced the first round of appointments to his administration that will take over Jan. 3. The Fischer transition team says the group represents “significant change” coming to Metro government, and that they represent a diverse group of new leadership from all parts of […]

City economic director named senior V.P. of Nucleus

After telling Mayor-elect Greg Fischer that he was unsure about his future, Bruce Traughber, Louisville’s economic development director, has been named senior vice president of economic development for Nucleus — the University of Louisville’s life sciences and innovation business development arm. From the Mayor’s Office: Traughber’s responsibilities will include cultivating economic development opportunities on behalf […]

Heiner leads in latest poll

In a surprise turn, the latest SurveyUSA poll reports that Republican Hal Heiner leads Democrat Greg Fischer by seven points in the race for Louisville mayor — a 13 point swing from the last poll, conducted in late September. With less than a week until Election Day, the poll is also the first time either […]

State Police take over mayoral endorsement investigation

With the general election a week away, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway’s office has turned over the investigation of two Louisville mayoral endorsements to state police. In a letter sent to the chairmen of the Democratic and Republican parties, the attorney general’s office said the inquiry was being referred to the commonwealth’s law enforcement agency […]

3 Dems and a Heiner

Flexing bipartisanship, Republican mayoral candidate Hal Heiner has unveiled his latest ad, which features former Democratic mayoral candidates Shannon White, Tyler Allen and Lisa Moxley, who endorsed the Metro Councilman in the general election. Check it out: The one-minute ad will air on local and cable television, and paints Heiner as the change candidate while […]

Fischer calls Heiner ad “deceitful”

With almost a week until Election Day, Democrat Greg Fischer has released a new commercial slamming Republican Hal Heiner’s recent advertisement, calling it “deceitful” for alleging that former independent mayoral candidate Jackie Green was given something in return for his endorsement. From The ‘Ville Voice: The 30-second ad claims Fischer has been exonerated from any […]

Council president says Allen endorsed Heiner for ‘significant input’

Calling Republican Hal Heiner a “hypocrite” for his recent ad, Metro Council President Tom Owen, D-8, says that former mayoral candidate Tyler Allen was promised significant input in a potential Heiner administration in exchange for his endorsement of the GOP nominee. In a press release sent out by Democrat Greg Fischer’s campaign, Owen said he […]

Heiner slams Fischer over Green endorsement in new ad

Launching the first attack ad in the race for mayor of Louisville, Republican Hal Heiner renewed his call for Democrat Greg Fischer to release the documents that were drafted with former mayoral candidate Jackie Green, an independent who withdrew after being promised “significant input” in selecting a cabinet-level office. From the Heiner campaign: In an […]

Heiner calls on Fischer to release documents on Green endorsement

Accusing his opponent of trading a Metro government department for a political endorsement, Republican Hal Heiner has called on Democrat Greg Fischer to release all documents that were drafted with former mayoral candidate Jackie Green, an independent who withdrew after being promised “significant input” in selecting a cabinet-level office. Last Friday, Green stunned political observers […]