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Yum! Brands pulls China TV ad mocking Obama

Whether it’s fake beef, fascist chickens or toaster oven-shaped stadiums, the Louisville-based fast food giant Yum! Brands is no stranger to bad press, but flattening President Obama with a fish sandwich in a foreign country might’ve went too far. Besides hiring an actor who looks nothing like the president, Yum! Brands apologized for the caricature […]

Yarmuth blasts extension of Bush tax cuts

After breezing through the U.S. Senate, the tax-cut compromise between President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans easily cleared the House of Representatives, providing a two-year extension for all tax cuts that were due to expire Dec. 31. The bill passed 277 to 148 with bi-partisan support and now heads to the president’s desk after overcoming […]

Tweets could shed light on ‘half-breed’ comment

The uproar over 84 WHAS radio personality Mandy Connell calling President Barack Obama “a young half-breed man” has subsided, but it seems those racially insensitive comments may not have been the first the conservative host has used. A Twitter account that appears to belong to Connell contains attacks on Obama and possible racist language, including […]

Gov. Daniels’ potential 2012 presidential bid

Our neighbors to the north might want to pay attention to the growing speculation that Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is on the GOP short list of potential nominees for president in 2012. The diminutive Republican (he stands just under 5’7″) has seen the states unemployment rate go down in the past year, along with property […]

Should Obama ‘dumb it down’?

The media punditry continues to slice and dice President Obama’s speech on the gulf oil disaster, but an interesting observations was made by Paul J.J. Payack, president of Global Language Monitor, an Austin, Texas-based company that analyzes word usage and word choice. Even though the Oval Office address was written at a 10th grade level, […]

Lunchbox: Health Care Reform signed into law

Paul v. Yarmuth?: Though he’s in a race for U.S. Senate, Republican Rand Paul helped organize a small rally slamming U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, a Democrat, over health care reform. Yarmuth was the only member of Kentucky’s delegation to vote for the historic overhaul. The protests outside the Romano Mazzoli Federal Building in downtown Louisville […]

House passes historic health care bill

The year-long fight over health care reform took a historic step tonight. The divided House of Representatives approved what has been President Barack Obama’s chief domestic issue with a 219-212 vote. Here’s the roll call. As political observers predicted only one member of Kentucky’s delegation supported the bill — U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, D-3, who […]

SNL Presidents Unite

If you’ve ever had a dream about Saturday Night Live having a reunion of all their classic presidential parodies over the years, your wish has been granted. From The Nation: Online videos have become probably the most effective — and definitely the most entertaining — means of modern political communication. Now, Americans for Financial Reform […]

Lunchbox: Special election delivery

Furlough owed: The Louisville Labor-Management Committee advised the city that the four furlough days given to Metro employees last year violated a contract with some other union employees. During the last fiscal year the city faced a $20 million budget shortfall. In an effort to cut costs Mayor Jerry Abramson decided to make all Metro […]

Obama on Ft. Hood, War, Peace & Sacrifice

On the eve of Veteran’s Day — which for most of us means just another day that banks are closed and the mail gets fucked up — President Obama has prepared a speech of the kind pundits dub “very presidential,” which means the themes are lofty, universal and (hopefully) inspiring. But since he is the president, it […]