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Lunchbox: One more day(!)

Early and once: Tomorrow’s the big day, folks. Go vote for the person you think can pull the country from the shit-pile in the quickest, most economically sound and viable way possible — all the way down the ticket. If you’re in KY, here is the best site for all the relevant voting info. If […]

Lunchbox: Halloween edition

Cool toys: Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2008 include a retail DNA test, just in case you have some immediate paternity questions. Mr. Hope’s hangmen caught: Two UK students were arrested for hanging an Obama effigy from a tree on campus. They said it was in response to the Palin mannequin hung from a balcony […]

Lunchbox: Hanging Mr. Hope

$2.28: The price for a gallon of gas at my pit stop. Tanking the American economy is one way to lower gas prices. Grand(iose) jury: A Marshall County grand jury will decide — probably late next week — whether criminal charges are warranted in Recorder-gate, the faux controversy sparked when a GOP operative stashed an […]

Mark the Mechanic

Did anyone else notice Louisville, KY on Obama TV tonight? The brief narrative centered around Mark Dowell, a Ford employee at the automotive company’s Kentucky Truck Plant whose wife Melinda was laid off earlier this year along with hundreds of other Louisville employees. Featuring rural shots of the city, it was surprising to see considering […]

What if he was Muslim?

Appearing on Meet the Press, former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama. He had several reasons for backing the Democratic nominee, including the “tactics that he said were insulting not only to to Obama but also to Muslims.” Powell mentioned a New Yorker photo essay, ‘Service’. The shot taken at Arlington National Cemetery […]

Obama’s iSuccess and Y! big announcement

B-Rock’s iVote: One of the problems with polling data is that the archaic system doesn’t survey people with cell phones. No, text message polls don’t count. Omitting cell phone users leaves out a good chunk of the population, especially younger Americans (35 and under) who don’t have a LAN line. Under the radar of the […]

Palin power fading

Calling it a ‘slap in the face’, some Republicans are livid at the cover of Newsweek featuring GOP Veep nominee Sarah Palin. The close-up photo has “a picture so detailed it shows every blemish and wrinkle and even a few wisps of facial hair.” Yikes! Remember the days when the cover art was meant to […]

McCain camp getting dirty

The decision by the McCain campaign to go negative is having a disturbing affect on crowd participation. Beginning with the “paling around with terrorists” comments from VP nominee Sarah Palin over the weekend, columnist Dana Milbank notes that the reactions to the red meat have worked a little too well. When McCain recently asked, “Who […]

From sports reporter to VP nominee

I thought it was an urban legend but it’s true. Sarah Palin was once a sports reporter at KTUU, Anchorage’s NBC affiliate. Watch below. Makes you wonder which local anchor could be VP in 2012? Hmm. (PB)

In defense of elitism

Heralded as a leading voice among the “New Atheists”, Sam Harris points his provocative, acerbic pen at GOP Veep candidate Sarah Palin. For Harris, being a snob isn’t always bad. (PB) From Newsweek: “The problem, as far as our political process is concerned, is that half the electorate revels in Palin’s lack of intellectual qualifications. […]