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Hallelujah! Creation Museum free Xmas Eve

The Kentucky museum that presents human history based on a literal interpretation of The Bible will once again open its doors free to the public on Christmas Eve to express its appreciation to the community and as “a gift modeling the free gift of salvation provided by Christ,” before the holidays. Opened in 2007, the […]

Beshear stars in ‘Failures of the lost ark’

The national embarrassment attention surrounding Gov. Steve Beshear embracing the use of tax dollars to help fund a $150 million creationist-themed water park in Grant County continues to grow. Last week, Beshear stood with representatives from Ark Encounters LLC and Answers in Genesis, a religious group that operates the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., to […]

Louisville church against ‘Burn a Quran Day’

The Clifton Universalist Unitarian Church will host a continuous reading of the Quran on September 11, 2010 in response to the “International Burn a Quran Day,” organized by an anti-Islamic church in Gainesville, Florida. The event is being organized by the Louisville church as a counter demonstration against the book burning and a show of […]

Lunchbox: For tweet’s sake

Labor day: In the continued fight for labor union endorsements in the Democratic primary, mayoral candidate and Metro Councilman Jim King, D-10, received a nod from the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers Local 147, which brings him up to three labor union endorsements thus. The campaign touts Councilman King’s 10 commitments to […]

Lunchbox: Death battle over between life enhancers

Feeling healthy again?: A super-bitchy major health care provider and its super-bitchy nemesis insurer have finally agreed to disagree. With the end of the Norton-Anthem dispute — in which services between the two were halted July 1, after Norton demanded double-digit increases in reimbursements and Anthem said no — comes reinstatement of patients’ full, hard-earned […]

KY Pastor Nixes Jackson Mural, Fun

Apparently some people still need closure on this, the death of President Michael Jackson:: WTVQ-TV in Lexington reports that Owingsville First Church of God Pastor Lowell Rice heard about the mural at his church. Rice approached the school officials to complain about the mural, questioning whether Jackson is an “appropriate role model.” [Visual arts teacher […]

Thou Shalt Not Smirk: Atheists Drive Mechanical Ark to Creation Museum

How in the wide wide world of sports did we miss this? PETERSBURG, Ky., Aug. 11, 2009 – While no one was sure what to expect when ideologies clashed on Friday, staff at the Creation Museum were pleased overall (despite some minor incidents) with how well the visit from the Secular Student Alliance (SSA) went. […]

Rev. Pagano: “We’re on,” for Open Carry

Upon learning that this Saturday’s “Open Carry Church Service” at New Bethel Church might fail to live up to its promise, my heart sank a little. According to a TIME article by former LEO Guru Cary Stemle, the church had yet to secure an insurance policy on the event, and would therefore be just a […]

Baptists to Women: “Cook something already…”

There are few things we here at Fatlip love more than time travel. It’s a miraculous thing –  you start in one epoch and then, by virtue of reading the turgid bullshit spewed by Mary Kassian, a “professor” of women’s studies at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (aka NAMBLA), you’re suddenly transported back to an era […]

Land of the Lost, KY Style

So that Creation Museum we all try in vain to forget about was resurrected on the front page of today’s Courier-Journal – something about a record-breaking number of attendees, or how cavemen and dinosaurs were awesome BFFs, or something of that nature — and, wouldn’t you know it: A teleological debate hath come about in […]