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“Does that booth come with a sanitary napkin?”

We know, we know: There’s nothing else going on besides a six-year-old tryst that happened in an Italian restaurant where food is apparently served to customers who may or may not have sex with one another in the restaurant.  In order to suss out the economic effects of the Pitino-Sypher snafu, I dined there last […]

TIME Magazine Loves Innuendo

Turns out Italian PM/creepy pedophile Silvio Berlusconi is, well, a creepy pedophile who just so happens to be the Prime Minister of Italy. That said, here’s that old lady’s rag, TIME Magazine, discovering that the optical phenomenon known as parallax can make you hip and snarky — but still a failing business model anyway. Comments?

Bristol Palin: teens get it on

So Fox News had this fancy “exclusive” interview with 18-year-old new mom Bristol Palin, in which the unwed teenaged mother (!) got a bit of the devil in ‘er and said what mommy Sarah P. just can’t: Teens have sex. It happens. In real life. Shocker.  The conflict, of course, is that Momma Bear has […]