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Pitino Press Conference UNCENSORED

The reverse-psychology often employed by Bugs Bunny so rarely works outside of a cartoon setting, much less a sex scandal involving a hot-headed, high-profile college basketball coach and a woman who is, for all intents and purposes, quite possibly insane. Rick Pitino’s chastising of the media at his afternoon press conference attempted to do just that: […]

OMG: UK to Spend Millions on Sports

I know, I know: What else would they spend it on? Academic scholarships? Payroll increases for staff?The ARTS? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! The University of Kentucky will decide in the next 60 to 90 days whether to go forward with plans for a new downtown basketball arena, a new campus baseball field […]

DCRG Bout This Weekend!

For those interested in a decidedly different breed of derby, the Derby City Roller Girls will hold their third match of the season at the Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center this Saturday when they take on Indiana’s Bleeding Heartland. Expect violence, BBC beer, and fish nets-galore! Tix are  $11; doors open @ 5:30 PM, bout […]

Billy The Clyde Lost At Sea?

Looks like it — Sir Losealot of the Blue Kingdom admits he doesn’t know whether he’s coming back to lead the Cats through another disastrous season, which I know from having lived in that distant land is something the natives Will. Not. TOLERATE! If he’s smart (…), Mr. Gillispie will flee the Fayette County limits […]

Local yokels

At Meidinger Tower, on 4th and Ali: