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The C-J gets a facelift

After waiting through a few hours of “server is busy” responses, local media watchdogs will notice that The Courier-Journal launched its redesigned website this afternoon featuring new colors and alternations to the comments section. In response to stories, readers can now give comments a thumbs up or thumbs down andsign in through Facebook rather than […]

Council Democrats and ethics

In this week’s LEO, my Sixth & Jefferson column brought attention to the frustration Metro Council Democrats have with the local press due to a number of stories questioning their ethical decision-making. I thought it would be relevant to share parts of the conversation during their caucus meeting that couldn’t fit into this week’s edition, […]

State Police take over mayoral endorsement investigation

With the general election a week away, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway’s office has turned over the investigation of two Louisville mayoral endorsements to state police. In a letter sent to the chairmen of the Democratic and Republican parties, the attorney general’s office said the inquiry was being referred to the commonwealth’s law enforcement agency […]

Fischer calls Heiner ad “deceitful”

With almost a week until Election Day, Democrat Greg Fischer has released a new commercial slamming Republican Hal Heiner’s recent advertisement, calling it “deceitful” for alleging that former independent mayoral candidate Jackie Green was given something in return for his endorsement. From The ‘Ville Voice: The 30-second ad claims Fischer has been exonerated from any […]

A note on The Courier’s Fischy story

Last night, The Courier Journal committed a sin of omission. In a story about an email exchange between former independent mayoral candidate Jackie Green and Democrat Greg Fischer’s spokesman, Chris Poynter, the C-J reported that the former wanted input on Fischer’s proposed “Office of Sustainability,” and Green winds up looking more politically calculating than he […]

Tolls on Spaghetti Junction considered

In a meeting held earlier today, the Louisville and Southern Indiana Bridges Authority heard scenarios to pay for the $4.1 billion Ohio River Bridges Project, which included tolling parts of Interstates 64 and 71 that don’t cross a bridge. From The Courier-Journal: Under the Spaghetti Junction proposal, for example, a driver taking I-64 west into […]

Did the C-J ‘inadvertently’ endorse Allen?

Using a bit of reverse psychology going into the final days of the primary, Democratic mayoral candidate Tyler Allen is telling supporters that The Courier-Journal’s endorsement of his opponent, businessman Greg Fischer, has unintentionally given him the momentum. The newspaper’s editorial board dismissed the 8664 co-founder this past Sunday, calling him a “political gadfly” who […]

Lunchbox: Merged and un-merged

The 7-year merge: Remember when Mayor Jerry Abramson told reporters in West Virginia that before merger the city of Louisville was getting “poorer, blacker and older,”? The gaffe sparked a new debate about the reason behind consolidating city and county governments in 2003. And WFPL’s Gabe Bullard has a two-part piece story on the benefits […]

The C-J mayoral poll (updated)

Everyone’s anticipating the results from a SurveyUSA mayoral poll that will appear in Sunday’s Courier-Journal. With less than 10 weeks until the May primary, the local media can only use fundraising totals, campaign advertisements and endorsements to measure the horse race thus far, but the poll will certainly shake things up from what we’re hearing. […]

Lunchbox: Don’t Tase me bro

Tased and confused: If you missed it, news channel WLKY did an investigative report on the use of Tasers by the Louisville Metro Police Department. The story revealed that officers have averaged one Taser incident every 48 hours. Besides the excessive use and small infractions, their study of the police data also showed African-Americans are […]