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Council president says Allen endorsed Heiner for ‘significant input’

Calling Republican Hal Heiner a “hypocrite” for his recent ad, Metro Council President Tom Owen, D-8, says that former mayoral candidate Tyler Allen was promised significant input in a potential Heiner administration in exchange for his endorsement of the GOP nominee. In a press release sent out by Democrat Greg Fischer’s campaign, Owen said he […]

Allen endorses Heiner for mayor

After weeks of speculation, Louisville businessman and former mayoral candidate Tyler Allen has crossed party lines to endorse Republican Hal Heiner in the race for mayor of Louisville. The co-founder of the grassroots 8664 group, who came in fourth in the Democratic primary, cited Heiner’s ability to lead Louisville from day one and that he […]

New King mailer hits Fischer on tolls

After airing a set of television advertisements and a mailer attacking his opponent, Democratic mayoral candidate and Metro Councilman Jim King, D-10, continues to slam businessman Greg Fischer, this time for supporting tolls to pay for the $4.1 billion Ohio River Bridges Project. The second mailer: Earlier this week, LEO reported that among Louisville’s mayoral […]

Did the C-J ‘inadvertently’ endorse Allen?

Using a bit of reverse psychology going into the final days of the primary, Democratic mayoral candidate Tyler Allen is telling supporters that The Courier-Journal’s endorsement of his opponent, businessman Greg Fischer, has unintentionally given him the momentum. The newspaper’s editorial board dismissed the 8664 co-founder this past Sunday, calling him a “political gadfly” who […]

Allen unveils first TV ad

Hoping to get his vision for Louisville out to a broader audience before the May 18 primary, Democratic mayoral candidate Tyler Allen will begin airing his first campaign television commercial next Monday. Check it out: [youtube][/youtube] The advertisement introduces the Louisville businessman as a candidate interested in making better investments towards the city’s future. Predictably, […]

Allen campaign teases neighborhood vision

Using a presentation technique that he perfected as a grassroots activist, Democratic mayoral candidate Tyler Allen unveiled a campaign video today that conveys his vision for revitalizing Louisville’s debilitated neighborhoods. The abandoned buildings and other eyesores featured in the short teaser were taken from the co-founder of 8664′s recent visit to parts of Southwestern Louisville […]

State audit could trouble Tandy

The fallout from the state auditor’s examination of Metro government and its financial reporting practices could spill over into the 2010 mayoral campaign. Before the full report was released, Democratic mayoral candidates Tyler Allen and Metro Councilman Jim King, D-10, had already spoken out with strong transparency positions and Republican mayoral candidate and Councilman Hal […]

Mayoral candidates ride state auditor’s report

Now that two veteran Metro officials have resigned from Mayor Jerry Abramson’s administration due to an internal audit that uncovered violations of the city’s purchasing rules, the mayoral candidates shouldn’t be that far behind on letting you know how they’ll improve Metro government’s financial controls. And a few have already begun to chime in on […]

The C-J mayoral poll (updated)

Everyone’s anticipating the results from a SurveyUSA mayoral poll that will appear in Sunday’s Courier-Journal. With less than 10 weeks until the May primary, the local media can only use fundraising totals, campaign advertisements and endorsements to measure the horse race thus far, but the poll will certainly shake things up from what we’re hearing. […]

Allen unveils education plan

Democratic mayoral candidate Tyler Allen unveiled his education plan Thursday, which the campaign says will improve the city’s workforce. Similar to Metro Councilman David Tandy D-4, who unveiled his education plan earlier this week, Allen wants to put an emphasis on education as an economic engine that will make the city more competitive. “Being known […]