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Medicaid expansion leads to booming reimbursements, plunging uninsured rate in Kentucky

Larry Kissner, the commissioner of Kentucky’s Department of Medicaid Services, told a legislative committee in Frankfort last week that Kentucky’s decision to expand Medicaid not only dramatically increased the number of insured Kentuckians taking advantage of preventative screenings, but also the amount of Medicaid reimbursements received by health care providers, particularly hospitals. One piece of […]

Botched execution in Arizona adds to growing evidence of the need for reform in Kentucky

Wednesday in Arizona, James Wood was the third American inmate this year to be slowly tortured to death by a lethal injection that was supposed to be quick and painless. Wood’s execution lasted almost two hours, in which witnesses say he gasped, snorted and convulsed “like a fish on land.” Even Republican Sen. John McCain […]

Rand Paul continues lying about his Civil Rights Act criticism, calls those who bring it up liars

Predictably, it appears that Rand Paul did not take our advice on being honest with people about his past statements on the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Instead of giving an honest explanation for why he no longer has a problem with the article of the Civil Rights Act that outlawed racial discrimination in public accommodations […]

13 things I learned from local media this week

1. Kentucky has the sixth largest number of high school cigarette smokers. We used to have the most. So, yay? [WDRB] 2. The board of trustees at the University of Louisville recommended president James Ramsey receive a bonus of 25 percent of his $624,000 annual salary. [WFPL] 3. Louisville Metro asked Durham Labs to create a mobile air monitor device […]

6th Circuit Court of Appeals grants motion to consolidate Kentucky’s same-sex marriage cases, expediting decision

The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled yesterday that the joint motion by the plaintiffs and defendant in the Love v. Beshear case has been granted, which will significantly speed up the process for a final ruling in the case that could finally legalize same-sex marriage in Kentucky. Here is the statement by Gov. Steve […]

Sen. Brandon Smith (famous climate science “academic”) is still living on Mars

Sen. Brandon Smith’s truly bizarre statements from a July 3 committee hearing in Frankfort — saying climate scientists are full of it because Mars is the exact same temperature as Earth and Mars doesn’t have any coal mines and factories — has gone viral nationally, with the YouTube clip we made being viewed nearly 34,000 […]

Mitch McConnell tells a pants-on-fire lie about Kentucky’s Medicaid expansion

As we mentioned earlier today, Sen. Mitch McConnell made some truly bizarre statements this week in Oldham County about how gender discrimination is practically over because there are female CEOs in America and the way out of student debt is to go into the debt-accelerating factories of the for-profit college industry. While these statements might […]

Mitch McConnell: Sexism pretty much over, poor kids should lower their standards when choosing a college

Sen. Mitch McConnell has been twisting in the wind over the past few days regarding his support for the Paul Ryan budget in 2011, pretending that he didn’t support voucherizing Medicare even though he repeatedly touted his vote and support for that exact plan to “empower Grandma in the private market.” While this back and […]

Judge Shepherd expresses concern about botched executions in Kentucky death penalty case

This morning in Franklin Circuit Court, Judge Phillip Shepherd said that he is “concerned” about the botched executions this year in Ohio and Oklahoma, and he thinks the court might need to “revisit” Kentucky’s lethal injection protocol. Shepherd’s statements were during a hearing on motions filed in the case of six death row inmates against […]

Sen. Brandon Smith has important things to say about climate change, Mars

Kentucky’s Interim Joint Committee on Natural Resources and Environment met today to discuss the new EPA rules to fight climate change by limiting greenhouse gases from power plants. The committee is chaired by Rep. Jim Gooch, D-Providence, a proud climate change denier who has suggested in the past that Kentucky secede from the union in […]