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Bunning bids farewell

In a farewell speech, outgoing U.S. Senator Jim Bunning delivered an emotional final address but not before slamming several pieces of legislation and showing the public his surly side once more. First elected to the Senate in 1998, the Hall of Fame pitcher gained national attention for blocking an extension of unemployment benefits for millions […]

Paul takes the lead

Blame it on the Aqua Buddha backfire? Whatever the reason, Republican Rand Paul — the Bowling Green ophthalmologist and Tea Party messiah — has taken the  lead in the race for Kentucky’s junior U.S. Senate seat. From WFPL’s The Edit: A new WHAS-11/Courier-Journal Bluegrass Poll gives Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul a nine-point lead over […]

“Curbstomper” actually Paul campaign staffer (UPDATE)

That appears to be the case. Joe Sonka at Barefoot & Progressive has uncovered that the alleged Curbstomper of a hapless MoveOn goon is actually Rand Paul’s Bourbon County Coordinator, Tim Profitt, whom was given a shoutout in a full-page Paul ad in today’s Lexington Herald-Leader. When LEO Weekly contacted Paul’s campaign on this matter, […]

GOP ad calls out Conway flip-flop on Bush tax cuts

With the general election less than four weeks away, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has unveiled an ad against Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Jack Conway that accuses the state’s attorney general of waffling on extending tax cuts enacted under former President George W. Bush: And the thing is — the ad is pretty much spot […]

Tea with Taibbi

A few weeks ago former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin visited the River City to deliver a speech in front of a gospel quartet group about who the hell knows what. Besides the “array of Christian music artists, vendors and other assorted  merchandise-hawkers” that our intrepid Jonathan Meador observed while providing a blow to Palin’s puffy […]

Paul calls out Conway over energy ties

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul took to Twitter to criticize his Democratic opponent for taking contributions from energy companies. Earlier today, Attorney General Jack Conway announced he had filed a motion to dismiss the pending rate increase requests made by Louisville Gas and Electric and its sister company Kentucky Utilities. The state’s largest providers […]

Jack attacks

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate and Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway was out of town during the heated nose-to-nose protests over U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning’s one-man crusade to block extension of unemployment benefits, but he did tape his first television campaign ad, which focuses on the recent fiasco. The advertisement also takes time to throw jabs […]

Grayson raises over $600,000 in third quarter

Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson raised $642,857 for his U.S. Senate campaign in the year’s third quarter, according to a campaign press release. The Republican U.S. Senate candidate filed his finance report today with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and has raised a total of $1,245,992 to date with more than $1 million on […]

Rand’s ‘Obama Girl’?

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul has a viral video featuring a Kentucky version of the Obama Girl. From Bluegrass Bulletin: Well folks, here it is, the “Rand Song” video from Wendy Macy.  I don’t know, but we might just have a new “Gene Snyder” jingle in the making: [youtube][/youtube] The Bowling Green ophthalmologist, who […]