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Post-Xmas War on Terror Blues

Sorry to bum you guys out on the first day back from our glorious holiday feeding ritual, but here’s a little something I spotted on A. Huffington’s Innernette News & Porn Depository that nicely encapsulates the futile and idiotic nature of our nation’s current “War on Terror.” On Christmas Day, a London-educated Nigerian apparently took […]

Americans Resigned to Perpetual War

Not like this should really come as a shock, but what can you do? We’re the home of the Biggie-sized meal, eleven different versions of “CSI,” and baseball stopped being interesting decades ago; why should our stomachs shrink when it comes to something actually exciting, like a war, which at least features explosions? From The Baltimore […]

A Good Lesson For China

Not like they don’t already know, but you can bet they’ll keep this in mind before they decide to invade:

Recap of Saturday’s Gaza protest

We weren’t able to make Saturday’s protest of Israel’s war in Gaza, so we asked for a summary from somebody who was there. From David Horvath, of the Louisville Committee for Peace in the Middle East:  It was an excellent turnout for a damp and cold day. We had around 175 people turn out for […]

Protest Israeli attacks on Gaza this afternoon

A Louisville peace group is protesting Israel’s sustained bombing in the Gaza Strip later this afternoon. From a press release:  A group of concerned individuals is calling for an immediate response to the bombing of Gaza, recognizing that we as US citizens are responsible because it is our tax dollars paying for the planes (F-16′s) […]

Blackwater’s core values [sic]

If you’re up for a little perverse entertainment, check out Blackwater Worldwide’s website, and dial in this page, where you’ll find the company’s core values. Then read this story today from the LA Times, about the supposed killing rampage five Blackwater guards went on in Iraq. Or, you know, just search Google News and spend […]

Lunchbox: G.I. who?

Playing in Poop: Boy it got ugly in Southwest Louisville last night. Nearly 200 residents came out to give MSD executive director Bud Schardein an earful. The issue is the new drainage system in Metro Louisville, which many in the southwest believe sewage from the East End will be dumped in their part of the city. The sewer […]

Liar to rock Louisville

So I fired up FPK this morning just in time to hear James Bickers say, “… be the fifth caller and win tickets to see Colin Powell…” and I had to laugh out loud because I didn’t know Colin Powell was even a musician, let alone on tour. And then I wondered who the warm-up […]